Friday, August 05, 2011

Music List - C

Day three and it's singles beginning with C:

Jim Capaldi 1974 (V) It's All Up To You

Captain Sensible 1983 (V) Glad It's All Over

Caravan 1970 (V) Hello, Hello

Paul Carrack 1987 (V) Don't Shed a Tear

1995 (CD) Eyes of Blue 1

1995 (CD) Eyes of Blue 2

Cars 1978 (V) My Best Friend's Girl

1978 (V) Just What I Needed

Chic 1978 (V) Le Freak

1978 (V) Everybody Dance

Chicago 1971 (V) Free

Clash 1977 (V) White Riot

1978 (V) Tommy Gun

1980 (V) The Call Up

1982 (V) Should I Stay or Should I go

Phil Collins 1982 (V) You Can't Hurry Love

Commodores 1977 (V) Easy

Coolio 1995 (V) Gangster's Paradise

Julian Cope 1987 (V) Trampolene

1988 (V) 5 O'clock World

Elvis Costello 1978 (V) (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea

Elvis Costello and the Attractions 1979 (V) Accidents Will Happen (Live at Hollywood High)

Creedence Clearwater Revival 1970 (V) Up Around the Bend

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 1970 (V) Ohio

Culture Club 1983 (VT) Karma Chameleon

1983 (V) Church of the Poison Mind

1983 (V) Victims

1984 (V) It's a Miracle

1984 (V) The War Song

Curved Air 1975 (V) Back Street Luv

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