Sunday, August 28, 2011

Music List - Albums A

So the singles thing was a bit of a passing phase. Individual tunes are easily listened to on YouTube these days if you get the whim. Today I only buy old singles from charity shops and nothing more. But I have been buying albums for forty years or so. This second half of the list will be altogether more interesting.

ABC 1990 (CD) Absolutely
Ace 1974 (V) Five-a-Side
1975 (V) Time for Another
Adem 2004 (CD) Homesongs
Aerosmith 2005 (CD) Gold
Afro-Cuban All Stars 1997 (CD) A Toda Cuba le Gusta
1999 (CD) Distinto, Differente
AGF/Delay 2009 (CD) Symptoms
Air 1998 (CD) Moon Safari
2000 (CD) The Virgin Suicides
2001 (CD) 10000 HZ Legend
Airhead 1992 (V) Boing
Alabama 3 1997 (CD) Exile on Coldharbour Lane
2000 (CD) La Peste
2002 (CD) Power in the Blood
2003 (CD) Last Train to Nashville Vol. 2
2005 (CD) Outlaw
2007 (CD) M.O.R.
2010 (CD) Revolver Soul
The Alarm 1988 (V) Electric Folklore Live
All About Eve 1988 (V) All About Eve
All Saints 2000 (CD) Saints and Sinners
Ambulance LTD 2005 (CD) LP
Amparanoia 2004 (CD) Rebeldia Con Alegria
Analog Man 2002 (CD) Bedside Music
Ian Anderson 1995 (CD) Divinities: Twelve Dances with God
Animals 1965 (V) The Most of the Animals
Anjunabeats 2003 (CD) Volume One
Appliance 1999 (CD) Manual
Arcadia 1985 (V) So Red the Rose
Argent 1973 (V) In Deep
Richard Ashcroft 2000 (CD) (Free with The Independent)
Mulatu Astatke / The Heliocentrics 2009 (CD) Inspiration Information
Athlete 2003 (CD) Vehicles and Animals
2004 (CD) Tourist
2009 (CD) Black Swan
Rowan Atkinson 1980 (V) Live in Belfast
Atlum Schema 2005 (CD) The Final Scene
Auteurs 1993 (V) New Wave
1995 (CD) After Murder Park
Joan Armatrading 1976 (V) Joan Armatrading
1978 (V) To the Limit
Average White Band 1978 (V) Feel no Fret

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