Monday, August 29, 2011

Music List - Albums B

There's some fine music in this set. Must dig out the Bible's album. Forgot I owned it. Also the Butts Band, a Jess Roden incarnation before he began his solo career. A wonderful British soul voice with a tight band behind him. Great music. One of my favourite albums with no stand-out tracks:

Bach 2003 (CD) Cello Suites 1-6 (Peter Bruns)

Bad Company 1974 (V) Bad Company

1975 (V) Straight Shooter

The Bad Plus 2001 (CD) These Are the Vistas

2005 (CD) Suspicious Activity?

Erykah Badu 1997 (CD) Baduizm

Band of Horses 2010 (CD) Infinite Arms

The Bangles 1984 (V) All Over the Place

Devendra Banhart 2007 (CD) Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

Bargrooves 2004 (CD) Metropolitan

2005 (CD) Manhattan

Battles 2007 (CD) Mirrored

Beach Boys 1962-69 (V) Twenty Golden Greats

1968 (V) The Best of the Beach Boys Vol. III

1973 (V) In Concert

Beach House 2010 (CD) Teen Dream

The Beat 1980 (V) I Just Can't Stop It

Beatles 1968 (V) White Album, disc one only in wrong sleeve

1966-70 (Tape) 1966-70

Jeff Beck Group 1972 (CD) Jeff Beck Group

Beck, Bogart and Appice 1973 (V) Beck, Bogart and Appice

The Bees 2004 (CD) Free the Bees

Bell 2004 (CD) Seven Types of Six

Bellowhead 2008 (CD) Matachin

Benga 2008 (CD) Diary of an Afro Warrier

The Beta Band 1998 (CD) Three E.P.s

1999 (CD) The Beta Band

2001 (CD) Hot Shots II

Beyoncé 2003 (CD) Dangerously in Love

Eric Bibb 2004 (CD) Friends

Bibio 2009 (CD) Ambivalence Avenue

The Bible 1988 (V) Eureka

Big Audio Dynamite 1985 (V) This is Big Audio Dynamite

Big Country 1983 (V) The Crossing

1984 (V) Steel Town

Big Issue 2004 (CD) Peace Not War

Black Affair 2007 (CD) Pleasure Pressure Point

Black Grape 1995 (CD) It's Great When You're Straight... Yeah

1997 (CD) Stupid Stupid Stupid

Black Kids 2008 (CD) Partie Traumatic

Blaxploitation - The Sequel 1997 (CD)

Blind Faith 1969 (CD) Blind Faith

Blondie 1998 (CD) No Exit

The Blue Melody Boys 1996 (CD) Staring into the Wind

Blues Brothers 1980 (V) Original Soundtrack

Blur 1991 (CD) Leisure

1994 (CD) Parklife

2003 (CD) Think Tank

2003 (CD) The Observer, Exclusive

Bonobo 2000 (CD) Animal Magic

2010 (CD) Black Sands

Boo Radleys 1993 (Tape) Giant Steps

1995 (CD) Wake Up!

David Bowie 1971 (V) Hunky Dorie

1969-75 (V) Changes One

1972 (V) The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

1984 (V) Tonight

1997 (CD) The Best of 69/74

1997 (CD) The Best of 74/76

BR5-49 1996 (CD) BR5-49

The Bravery 2005 (CD) The Bravery

Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

1988 (CD) Shooting Rubber Bands at the Stars

Brinsley Schwarz 1978 (V) Fifteen Thoughts of Brinsley Schwarz

British Gold 1975 (V) K-tel compilation

British Sea Power 2005 (CD) Open Season

2008 (CD) Do You Like Rock Music?

Broadcast 2006 (CD) The Future Crayon

Broken Bells 2009 (CD) Broken Bells

Ian Brown 2004 (CD) Solarized

James Brown 1991 (CD) The Very Best of...

Dave Brubeck 2003 (CD) The Essential

Bruce and the Robin Rockers 1966 (V) The Batman Theme

Lindsay Buckingham 2008 (CD) Gift of Screws

Grant Lee Buffalo 1993 (CD) Fuzzy

Built to Spill 2006 (CD) You in Reverse

Burial 2006 (CD) Burial

2008 (CD) Untrue

Kate Bush 1978 (V) The Kick Inside

1978 (V) Lionheart

1985 (V) Hounds of Love

1993 (Tape) The Red Shoes

The Butts Band 1974 (V) The Butts Band


Anonymous said...

Why would anybody be interested in your lists, ST? We can look at a telephone directory for that!

St said...

Just a few pointers anonymous friend, to help you live your life in the community with sharp things around:

1. It's St not ST.
2. Great as my music list is, it is not in the telephone directory. That is for phone numbers.
3. I explained at the beginning that if you were not interested it would be over in 52 days (that may be 51).
4. Not everyone is not interested in the things you are not interested in.
5. I don't know why some people are following this with interest. You'd have to ask them. Asking the whole world may be a long job. Mind you, you seem to have time on your hands.
6. It is not to help you but to help me. Having started this I have to finish or I will look an idiot. It has made me catalogue my music.
7. How do you keep a wassock in suspense?

Anonymous said...

Ok St - sorry I got your name wrong. We can see how many people are interested in your lists from the amazing number of comments they have attracted.

St said...

You're doing well at being wrong and rude my anonymous friend. Comments also come via Twitter and Facebook these days. Not many, but more than 1 or 2.