Monday, July 25, 2011

Sarah Millican

We were lucky enough to get tickets to Sarah Millican's pre-Edinburgh preview last night (thanks Andrew and Jo).

Preview nights are very cheap as the comics concerned will be trying out stuff and assessing how it goes down in front of a live audience.

Supported by Juliette Myers, doing a similar job, it was a fun night. It is not the done thing to review preview nights so I won't.

But a strange thing happened half way through Millican's set. She stopped, stared at a woman on the front row, and asked her straight out if she was recording the show. This was in a small venue of fewer than 100 people. On getting a reply in the affirmative she asked her to stop and delete the recording. Millican said she felt like she'd had her flat burgled. Referring to an earlier item about men's emotions she said she wanted to add 'punchy.' Fair comment. Copyright material is just that and recording any show without permission is wrong.

It obviously shook her and she tweeted this morning that the show had been a waste of time. I don't think it was and our reaction to a a number of her tales should help her to polish them.

I don't condone breaking the law but, if you really have to, don't leave an iphone on the seat in front of you and then not ask permission. All thieves are stupid. Discuss.

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Marcella said...

I love Sarah - we have seen her a couple of times and have tickets to her Warwick Arts Centre gig in December. Poor Sarah, although good on her for confronting the woman.

I suppose at least the stupid thief wasn't a liar as well.