Friday, July 01, 2011

July 1st

Ah there you are. Good morning. Readers have dropped below fifty a day recently so if you'll excuse me I'll imagine a huge audience of devoted aficionados all ears for amusement.

I tried to put a pair of glasses on just now but they wouldn't go on because I already had a pair of glasses on. I think I may be in trouble.

Yesterday I told some people the amusing story of a player in the Women's World Cup being treated for cramp but screaming when it turned out she had torn a calf muscle. Guess what? Walking down the stairs too quickly yesterday morning my calf muscle cramped up. I stretched it and it turned out I too had pulled a calf muscle a bit. Could irony please be sure to drop the latch when it leaves. I won't show it out.

So it was a slightly gloomy start to my nice free Friday, made worse when the first Desert Island Disc was flipping Beethoven. He's been dead for ages and better stuff has been written since. Yes it has.

So, what to do? Well I'm glad you care and here's the answer. A fruit salad of seedless grapes, ripe cantaloupe and orange. A goldfinch to watch whilst eating it. Do It Again by Steely Dan and The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor) by Ry Cooder and all is well with the world once more.

I shall now do an outrageously difficult Killer Su-doku and drive to meet a friend for lunch. It's gonna be a bee-u-tiful day.

Thank you. That helped.


Ray Barnes said...

Hope you'll be better soon, but it sounds unlikely!

Rachel Upton said...

I could even identify with the Killer Sudoku - relaxation at its best. I keep a book of them in the car door for when I am having to wait for someone (usually husband or children) because then a moment of frustration becomes an oasis of unexpected enjoyment.