Sunday, June 05, 2011

Jann - A Short Story Part 3

Eventually she knew that the only way to find out if it was flawless was to try it. She wasn’t a gambling woman; she genuinely couldn’t see the risk.

On a boring March morning, whilst drinking her second cup of coffee, she processed a new household contents proposal. It was just like any other household contents proposal except she had filled it out herself the night before. She included an ‘all-risks’ extension for a few items of mid-priced jewellery – one to five hundred pounds, used her maiden name and her next door neighbour’s address. She knew her neighbours’ insurers and so avoided them. And she processed it. Her cash became her company’s cheque.

Untraceable back to her. A fictitious policy for a fictitious person’s property. She ignored it for six months and then phoned through a claim; seven hundred and fifty pounds for two rings.

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