Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jann - A Short Story Part 10 (the last)

Rick turned out to be a real gentleman. He took the rap. It was his idea, he said, his scheme. He merely enlisted Jann’s help to hand over the documents. She didn’t know they were falsified. She thought Rick had been chivalrous in hiring expensive jewellery for her to wear. He lied through his teeth to protect his partner. Jann knew she’d been stupid but also knew she’d been loved.

The jury were split. They agreed on Rick’s guilt but not even a majority could convict Jann. She got away with it.

Rick went down for nine months. Jann agreed to leave her job with a good reference. When Rick gets out of Winson Green prison next week she will be in the car waiting for him. She still doesn’t know what she will say yet. He’s been faithful to her but he’s a crook. She can’t yet bring herself to admit that she is too.

(Started on a train to London in about 1998 and finished recently. For Jann, who asked me to use her name in a story)

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