Friday, June 03, 2011

Jann - A Short Story Part 1

The following short story has never seen the light of day before. It will appear in ten short parts over the next ten days.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury please retire to consider your verdict.

And listeners, for you to ponder, if the hero of the story is a villain and the villain gets caught is it a happy ending?

Jann isn’t much of a villain really. Single Mum. Forty – ish. Good mother. Good neighbour. Kind to animals. All her life she’s been honest, ever since her own Mum caught her stealing biscuits from her Gran’s pantry. She could still remember the telling off.

But honesty is relative. Jann isn’t honest as the day is long but certainly her morals reach the mid-afternoon. She has standards - take a pen or two from the office but hand a wallet in to the police if found in the street.

Jann works at the insurance brokers on the High Street. ‘Dobbin and Ferse’ they’re called although David Ferse has long since departed and even his son has retired. Somehow ‘Dobbins’ doesn’t have the businesslike dignity the retention of Mr Ferse’s name suggests.

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