Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nothing To Do

Ladies and gentleman of the jury I plead guilty. Guilty to the crime I have been trying to commit for the past twenty six years or so.

Tomorrow I will be listening to a trainee preacher and service leader. I will be dropping in on our children's work at Trendlewood. I will be taking part in a social walk and eating cake thereafter. I may call in to a local Messy Church to advertise a men's meeting.

But I have nothing to prepare and no responsibilities.

Not since the day I achieved a personal ambition at St John's College by being able to announce that there were no lunch-time notices (only the second time that had happened in three years) have I been so delighted and fulfilled.

Do yourselves out of a job brothers and sisters. That's your whole point. Next time I manage it I'm going to go find out what the non-churchgoers do on Sunday mornings and hang out with them.

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