Friday, May 06, 2011

Final Thoughts on AV

Cricketer Graeme Swann (@swannyg66) spent most of Wednesday winding up the #yes2AV gang with tweets such as:

Apparently the premier league placings will be decided on the 'yes to AV' principle next season. Newcastle could be in with a real shout

If, as seems likely, the Yes campaign has lost, it may end up being because they didn't have as good jokes as the No campaign.

Swanny's tweet is funny but overlooks the fact that if the Premier League was decided by voting on the current system, not actually playing each other, Man Utd would win every year. That would be funny.

It is also annoying that:

1. The one party who have unashamedly promoted a change to the voting system over the last few decades is currently propping up an unpopular coalition and therefore has been unable to persuade people that a system which would undoubtedly give them more seats is a good idea.

2. After the Royal Wedding it might have been expected that the campaign would have got more coverage but, as theipaper editorial stated this week, shooting bin Laden got a bit in the way. We were left with but one day to make the case and capture hearts and minds.

3. The 'No' campaign not run by Cameron (the other 'No' campaign) was horrendous spin, dangerously close to lies. He should have distanced himself from it.

4. The people who don't want to change will not admit that it is their desire to preserve their party's seats which drives them, not a desire for fairness.

5. The No campign managed to harness the sportsworld's desire to see everything in terms of winners and losers. Politics is about harmony, reconciliation and compromise. About working together. Not about making the losers grovel. If anything, politics exists for life's losers. Having won, politics asks the No campaign this - what will you do for the 40% of people in this country who think our current voting system is unfair?

I'm sad.

I found it crashingly ironic that I had to go and vote yesterday to oppose a system called First Past the Post when that system fails to know where the post goes.

Then I had to vote tactically in my council election because the party I really want to vote for has no chance.

I remind my readership that I am a member of no political party, am a floating voter and will vote for liberal democracy wherever I find it. My version of it does not currently reside in any one party.


Anonymous said...

Please explain what you mean by 'politics exists for life losers'. Thanks.

St said...

'Life's losers' not 'life losers'. People who are at the bottom of the pile and need corporate and organised help.