Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blood in the Garage

Gentle, patient, tolerant me came very close to turning over the tables in a car showroom yesterday.

I had booked my car in for a half day job. The receptionist who booked it in for me told me I could have it by 1000 if I wanted. I had to tell her that I had been told the work couldn't be done until the engine cooled but, knowing I needed to be in Nailsea at 1.00 p.m., I asked for it to be ready by 1230. This helpful assistant said she would put 1200 on the form to be on the safe side.

On dropping the car off I said I would be going out to the shops (more on this later) and would be back at 1130. I gave my mobile number so I could be called should the car be ready earlier than 1130 and I wasn't in the waiting room, sorry I mean customer lounge.

At 1210 I enquired about progress and was told 10 minutes.

At 1225 I enquired about progress and was told the car was just coming round.

At 1235 I said I knew miracles were not possible but could I have truth. One of the reception staff went down to the workshop and had a chat and then brought my car round to the front door personally.

I left at 1245 and was late for my appointment with some people, one of whom had come from Edinburgh on the train because the plane had been cancelled due to a volcano and still managed to be punctual.

I hate being late. German engineering great; Bristol efficiency dodgy.

If you ever have to wait in Bristol Audi take a jumper. The aircon is very cold.

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St said...

Late PS. Bristol Audi just phoned and asked if I could pop in again becuase they have lost one of their inspection lights.