Sunday, April 03, 2011


It's been a while since I ticked any new ones off my denominational I-Spy card but recently I spent some time in the company of a Strict and Particular Baptist. He turned out to be pleasant company although a little troubled by the amount his church had changed since 1689. More troubled, in fact, by this than that his church only had sixteen members left.

He told me that he was a Calvinist which, in my way of summarising precious doctrine, holds that if God doesn't like you you're pretty much screwed. I haven't bought Rob Bell's Love Wins yet but I think I know a man who won't be.

My church, led by its youth today, forgot to do a confession of any sort. I expect we'll go to hell for that. Possibly in something less comfortable than a handcart.

Now. Anyone know any Primitive Methodists? They're next on the list.


Marcella said...

So, do you have an opinion on Bell-gate?

Curates Baptist Husband said...

Did you know that some baptist churches have written into their historical documents that only S&P Baptists can be ministers there. This, of course, can cause problems these days. One of my friends is a minister where one physical half of the building has this and the other doesn't, he only ministers in one half of it.

St said...

I did not know that Curates Baptist Husband. Wow.

Marcella; I will try never to have a comment on something I haven't seen or read. Watch this space.