Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring in the Air Vicar

I have never really been S.A.D although there are times over the last few weeks when I have felt, unusually for me, that I wasn't completely happy. Not being given to extremes of emotions means I am rarely particularly up or down; just chugging along. It is why I don't look pleased to see you. I'm not, especially. That and the facial injury I got aged fourteen which caused the visual interface to malfunction, as a friend kindly puts it.

Anyway I got a bit more cheerful in the last few days and as the sun has been out a bit I wonder if it's that. You have to be very wary of arguments from coincidence. It can't be that West Brom beating Birmingham, England beating South Africa and pancakes being great could have that much significance.

On Tuesday I sat in a different seat to normal at our monthly wider leadership team meeting. I usually let guests have the comfy seats but on Tuesday one was left vacant. It then happened that the agenda for our meeting was more than usually relevant and engaging for me. When I get wrapped up in a discussion a switch goes off and I become louder, creative, ruder and generally the meeting gets a bit of craic. Some then complain afterwards that I was obnoxious. Not unreasonably since most creatives have this evil intern living within.

Thing is, some were saying it was the seat. Whilst getting a different perspective on a group of people by not always sitting in the same chair is good, saying that it caused all the change is not much different to lucky pants syndrome.

At one point I was accused of mellow subversion. I loved that, although I'm pretty sure she was a backing singer in a jazz combo I used to know.

I told a mate. Great he said. I'll do recumbent anarchy and we'll make a great team.

Introducing mellow subversion and recumbent anarchy. If you want to join us you must have a great name. Good morning.


St said...

And yesterday the Churches Together Chair was doing gentle manipulation. She can join the band.

Anonymous said...

No wonder why congregation numbers are falling, when nonsense like this is written!!!!