Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Year in Illness 2

A few days ago I posed the question, here, that I wondered for how many days of last year I would have described myself as feeling healthy. I made a note in the corner of my diary at the end of every day as to what, if anything had been troubling me or if my health was good. Here are the results:

129 Good
  88 Knee trouble
  69 Mouth ulcers or sore mouth
  38 Cold, fever, chest infection or post viral
  14 Eczema
    6 Stiff neck
    5 Insect bites
    4 Bad back
    3 Ear trouble
    3 Infected finger
    2 Headaches
    2 Toothache
    1 Allergy
    1 Ganglion

Now here's some things:

1. I tore a cartilage in February and am awaiting knee surgery. It troubled me all the rest of the year but only in a noteworthy way, or as the most serious problem, on 88 days. That should be 88 better days in 2011.

2. I would say that last year I was fit and healthy by and large. This raises the question, 'What does it mean to be fit and healthy?' I had three colds last year but don't really remember being ill with them apart from two or three days. The worst health days I can recall were the few days in Gozo when I had insect bites and the period after I did my back (as a recovering disc-slipper I get scared when I do my back).

3. Some days I had more than one thing wrong with me but I've noted the thing I diaried as the lead problem

4. I'm not continuing with the experiment. It would look like OCD.

So all very interesting. What started as a piece of research for a talk on healing (what does it mean to be well?) all got a bit out of hand. Enough.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if I should try it. So far I have 4 bad back days and it's only 6th Jan. Might be too depressing. On the other hand it might put the back into context by the end of the year.

St said...

Depends why you would want to do it Pauline.

Richard said...

What do you mean, would look like OCD?

It would be OCD.