Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sport Spin Spot

Whilst us Baggies are enduring a desperate run of results at the moment, how about this, from the BBC website after Fulham's 3-0 win yesterday?

'...the home side were happy to play out a convincing victory which leaves them in mid-table and leaves West Brom in freefall after five straight defeats.'

The table now reads:

Fulham played 21 points 22 position 13th
West Brom played 21 points 22 position 16th

9th place in the table is one win away for both of us.

Cricket news is better though. Well batted England.

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Steve C said...

The description is accurate - freefall describes direction, not location. Losing five on the bounce has sent you tumbling down the table, whereas the result took us up five places - mid-table 13th is a big deal when you started the match in the relegation zone! You're right, though, in that it's mighty close for at least half of the clubs in the division.