Friday, January 21, 2011

Brief Medical Update

Well ladies, gentlemen and those at that awkward in-between stage, I am back at my desk after my recuperation. I sneaked in a quick church meeting to get the hang of it again last Wednesday. Yesterday was a duty day although sorting out the @htnailsea emails took care of most of the morning after an early staff meeting and then it was (cue atmospheric doom music) Deanery Chapter.

I still have a fair few emails to go so sorry if you're waiting.

Today is Cafe Create. Having fallen off the mountain, I appear to have avoided the nursery slopes and will be retraining whilst dangling from a precarious rope. Cafe Create normally involves a lot of physical work so if you can drop by for an hour or two at 4-6pm to shift and carry that would be well groovy. Tonight we will have poetry, story-telling and live music. Be there.

I have remastered driving. Emergency stops are not accompanied by screams.

My knee is doing well and the exercise regime seems to be working. By and large I have not been in pain except for something I do in bed when I'm asleep which is agony but by the time I have got down off the ceiling I have lost track of what I just did to hurt so. I'd blame Mrs Mustard but this morning she had already got up when it happened. If she was standing over me with a hammer saying 'that's for the last 37 years you bastard' it would at least be an explanation. Stitches come out on Monday.

I can climb stairs almost properly and have walked a mile. Not bad for eight days after invasive surgery under general anaesthetic. It will be a while before I know the operation has been a complete success but optimism would not be out of place at this stage.

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Marcella said...

Glad to see you're doing so well! Hope it continues!