Monday, December 27, 2010

And so that was Christmas...

Everyone is sitting around replete. Some are watching The 100 most annoyingest things ever that happened ever on TV. I may have made that title up a bit. I have new music to listen to, new books to read, new trousers to wear, new alcohol to drink and have begun to be in demand as a part-time plumber due to my condenser-pipe defrosting skills. That wasn't in the manual at vicar-school. The game of Mum-tig is going well but I haven't had a go yet and may cop for the late shift. Praises to my sons for partnering up with girls with listening skills, empathy and stuff. Respect to junior's partner for the description of me as 'an acquired taste vicar.' Have added it to my profile. Plaudits to senior for the strapline of a Brummie reiki practitioner - 'Yer Chakra's bost.' Better than any cracker joke.

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Revsimmy said...

"Yer Chakra's bost."

ROFL. Bostin'