Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sony e-Reader 2

I blogged a few months back about problems with Mrs Mustard's portable electronic reading device, the Sony e-Reader. Read it here before this post will make sense.

So she gave it to our friend M (I won't print his name because he will end up swamped) in the knowledge that he would be the sort of person who would love fiddling about with it and since it was allegedly a write-off he could do no harm.

Well the lovely M diagnosed the precise fault we had reckoned - a dodgy on/off switch rocker or screw or something (I have no idea about the terms here) - and returned the device in perfect working order within a short period of time for the price of simply thank you and we owe him a favour.

I still think asking £176 minimum for such a repair is a con of the highest order and do not advocate anyone else risk their money, but I am pleased Mrs M is happy again and clicking away before lights out.

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