Monday, November 29, 2010


Here's an interesting thing. My boiler has broken down and I am waiting in at home for a heating engineer to come later today. I am mainly working in the lounge, which has a gas fire, not my study, which is centrally heated when the heating is working which it isn't.

I use a PC not a laptop and the PC is in the study so, apart from checking for messages and texts using my phone, I am not able to do much writing, admin or correspondence.

In the light of this I have had to reprioritise my things-to-do list and have done all those tasks which can be undertaken in the warm room in the house. Items that were way down the list have been done such as tidying out my Trendlewood box (stuff I keep to use in all-age services from time to time), writing up my various quote and note books and phoning people who were not urgent to phone.

Some things simply never get up the priority scale unless the rules change. What opportunities does the bad thing that just happened leave you with?

Posted hastily before fingers fell off.


LankyAnglican said...

There's something cruelly ironic about a heating breakdown during a very cold spell. I hope you're up and running soon.

St said...

Thanks bruv. Engineer just left and house heating up slowly.

RuthJ said...

Did you manage to reattach fingers ok?