Thursday, November 18, 2010

Men's Ministry

OK. Let's start a movement. A little bird told me (it was on page 17 of the Times) that Big Willy (it's what she calls him apparently) and that commoner, millionaire's daughter Kate Middleton have plighted their troth. Now that's something many of us guys will be wanting to avoid so as soon as we get the date let's set up a shed load of men's events that are not the wedding. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against marriage. Just against marriage with a massive media spotlight and the hype. So shall we do something else? I've already dreamed up the best men's Bible study group ever modelled on Richard Bacon's beer and pizza evenings. Let's brainstorm.

By the way it was also on pages 1-16 of the Times, which is why I read the Guardian.

We might have to agree to watch the actual wedding to keep our partners company. I've just thought of another thing we can do; a training course in things-to-say-during-a-royal-wedding that make us sound interested and knowledgeable. James May may be able to help in his man's lab.

This could run and run.


Mr Gnome said...

Wedding? What wedding?

RuthJ said...

This has to be the most sexist post ever, with its assumption that everything entitled to wear a skirt (as opposed to kilt) will automatically be wanting to watch the event!

St said...

Let me explain something about sexism sweetheart. There is a difference between 'this is an opportunity for men's ministry' and 'this is an opportunity only for men's ministry.' Women against the wedding sounds like a movement that also needs to start. If you'd like me to run it wearing a kilt I'd... no forget it.

Mr Gnome said...

The Rev St sporting the McTilley tartan?

The event would be a smash.

RuthJ said...

That's ok, sweetie-pie! I wasn't planning to horn in on your bacon butties. Though the McTilley tartan is indeed an alluring concept. No, my issue was not with the apparent exclusion of women from alternative events, but with the implied assumption that your (the men's) partners would all be glued to the box for the event. I'm sure you can get out of it on a technicality ('might' might not mean that some she-partners would let their he-partners off) but I would maintain that the inference was inescapable.

St said...

As the saying goes, I'd love to continue this battle of wits but I'm afraid I'm unarmed.