Friday, November 26, 2010


Not especially bored. And not so bored as to write a post about whether it's bored with or bored of. Who, frankly, cares?

No I'm bored with one very specific bit of my life.

And my Dad used to tell me that if I was bored I must be a cabbage. He was kind like that.

Once upon a back in the time was I used to have a long drive to work. 45 minutes across the Birmingham rush hour and over four years I avoided most of the other cars most of the time and enjoyed the Radio 1 breakfast show to boot. If I felt complacency coming on I would vary my route a little. I was in my early twenties. More likely to be bored then than today but avoided it.

These days I live a one and a half mile walk or 1.8 mile drive from Holy Trinity Church where I go up to three times a day four or five times a week. There is no possibility of varying the route. I have migrated to Radio 4 and only catch snippets of a programme on the way.

The drive takes 6 or 7 minutes. I do need to concentrate a bit because once I get off the estate I come to a junction and occasionally there is another car there.

How can I use the time better? Don't say 'walk' or 'cycle.' Or 'work at the church.' I'll explain why not if you really want to know. Just help me to make the most of those six minutes. Ta.


Mike Peatman said...

Buy an ipod and listen to a podcast en route?

Get a job putting leaflets through the doors on the way.

Revsimmy said...

I see Mike beat me to it. I download sermons from Rob Bell's (now also Shane Hipps') Mars Hill podcast and listen to it over the space of a day or two. Some good stuff there, but there are quite a few others to choose from.

Red said...

I have a 10 min drive to work which is similarly dull. I used to blast myself with music but now I tend to pray. I just pick something specific, something someone has asked me to pray for and I do that for the short drive. I find it hard usually to find time to pray for all the people/things/situations I want to so this is a good use of time too!
red :)

Anita said...

Pray, Steve

dmk said...

Jog, Segway, Skip, hitch a lift and spend 5 minutes sharing your faith with a stranger, or read the next reading you're preaching on just before you set off and see if any ideas crop up.