Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update Manager

Apologies to those who call into Mustard Seed Shavings for regular updates. It's been what is known in the trade as 'a silly week.' Sometimes I look ahead in my diary and think that a week looks as if it already has too much in it and I need to be careful. Then things arrive in that week over which I have no control such as funerals. I am about to take a short break and so anyone who wants to talk tends to get crammed in rather than put off for ten days.

Because I enjoy it, and think it important, blogging and social networking is usually the last thing I throw overboard. I explained this carefully to a group on Monday night. If you want to generate blog traffic then try to update every day, I said. We were doing a seminar on, yeah you guessed it, social networking and fresh expressions of church.

So if you are a new visitor after last Monday yes, your seminar was run by an incompetent hypocrite. Today I am trying to keep a bit work free prior to the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit video-cast for the next two days, a highlight of my year and a great chance to spend two days thinking about leadership.

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