Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beer Off

As you travel the country you find that there are strange local names for the:
  • Off Licence
  • Offie
  • Outdoor
  • Beer Off
Well a new one (to me) has opened in Backwell, almost opposite the Spar. It seems to have a good selection of wines and some fine local beers and ciders. I've just purchased some interesting bottles of Gorge Best Cheddar Ale and some equally wonderful Spring Loaded Glastonbury Ale.

The very good news - 2% discount for cash.

The very bad news, and talking of puns for names - it's called Aimee's Wine House.

I shall drink in memory of my friend John Rankin who died on Monday. Obituary to follow.

1 comment:

Mike Peatman said...

Glad to see beer off in your list. It's at the end of the twitchell