Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Wonderful story from a source at CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society). The short cartoon video 'Stairway' tells the story of a couple bringing a child for baptism. It is a training tool for the church to use in visiting. A previous General Director apparently decreed that the female minister depicted by go-ahead CPAS back in the day, should be replaced by a man when the video was reprinted. This was done.

'What nobody knows' says my source, 'is that he is gay.' Priceless.


dmk said...

we're still using 'First Steps'. Well, I say using, have given up on it, and haven't yet found anything suitable to use as an alternative. Rob Bells 'rain' is the nearest thing, even though it's nothing to do with Baptism. Any tips?

Charlie said...

Um. "Evangelical Vicar Outed By Blogger Scandal", anyone?