Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Sony E-Reader

In order to take enough books on holiday without bursting her hand luggage, Mrs M purchased a Sony e-Reader last year. I warned that her holiday reading would be devastated by dropping the device in the pool, whereas my book would dry out by the next day and in the meantime I could start another. 'Technophobe' she chanted.

She failed to drop the device in the pool and enjoyed reading on holiday last year and this. 117 free books came her way as a bonus. Shortly after returning from holiday the on/off switch of the Reader began to feel a little strange, then loose and then stopped working altogether. A minor fault but annoyingly two months out of warranty.

She contacted Sony who charge £176 for all e-Reader repairs. This compares to the current £179 cost of a new device. 'Blow that for a game of soldiers' she would have said if she said that sort of thing and took the Reader back to John (never knowingly undersold) Lewis. 'Ah' said a helpful, assistant. 'We probably could fix that easily but Sony won't release their parts to us so you have to send it back to them.'

So, dear Sony, I am advising my friends, family and lurkers not to buy one of your products and to purchase a different sort of electronic reading system. They tell me Amazon's Kindles are OK and so are i-pads. Hope you don't mind.

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