Monday, August 30, 2010

Cricket as a Foreign Language

Cricket has moved up the batting order of the news and is now opening. But unless we are tuned in to cricket speak what are we to make of this sentence, from PM on Radio 4 this evening?

Investigations by cricket's governing body are continuing into the allegation that the Pakistani team bowled no balls deliberately during the final test match.

Hmm. Throughout England's first innings every delivery was an accident eh?


Dennis said...

In addition Scouting for Girls on Test Match Special

Red said...

yes its quite exciting that cricket features in practically every news bulletin at the moment - never thought I'd see the day (oh except when we won the ashes..) shame it's not for something nicer though. In a similar vein to the Radio 4 quote, my son has a Sussex CCC shirt on which it states:
'we promote ball tampering'. Its actually an ad for a testicular cancer charity but the number of people who I have had to explain it to, (especially as he's only 6!)