Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What am I?

I seem to find myself:

On the liberal end of evangelicalism.
Supportive of women's ministry, headship and episcopacy.
Not preoccupied with preaching about sex but very preoccupied with preaching about Jesus.
Largely hating organ music.
Not a member of any Christian organisation except the Church of England.

Shall I turn the light off or get my coat?


Revsimmy said...

Ditto, except for the organ music thing, though I wouldn't mind less of it. Get your coat and do what preoccupies you.

Anonymous said...

As I read your post I am listening to Bach's toccata and fugue played beutifully on the organ reminding me what a beautiful instrument it can be but I don't like the organ for singing to so half agree with you.
Debbie K

St said...

I agree Debbie. I used to go regularly (twice a year) to All Saints, Leamington when I had a Sunday free. There, the organ voluntary at the end of the service was seen as a part of the worship and most of the congregation stayed to listen and often applauded.

Red said...

LOL! I would say it doesn't matter either way. it's all about Jesus and I doubt he would care if he saw the label 'CofE' attached to your coat or even know what an organ is... ;)

Mike Peatman said...

Best place for organ: distorted Hammond on a prog rock track

Mike Peatman said...

Interesting that noone reacted to the other questions you raised - we all commented on organs!

JH said...

Long live the organ and reference to it - clearly a way to boost responses to the blog.

So how is the position to your left (or is it right, or above or below) described, Steve?