Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Walk Around the Lake

There comes a point in a busy life, with lots of things one could do, many people one could see and many projects on which one could make some progress when the wisest thing to do is walk round the lake.

Working from home, all the things you could do look at you. Worse; they stare. All the books you could read sit unopened and demand to be handled. 'Me, me, me' they say like hungry children wanting lunch. And who could possibly decide which of your kids to feed if you only had enough food for one? The emails you wanted to think about before sending a reply; 'Have you thought enough yet?' they apparently enquire.

Around the lake it's more cut throat than that. Birds do decide which of their hungry chicks to feed. It is probably survival of the loudest down there. No thinking time for the residents. Just action.

Wandering round with a bottle of water and ten minutes in the fresh air somehow the dancing tasks land gracefully in order. A sense of perspective returns. It's a feng shui approach to problems; if they sit awkwardly next to you then move somewhere else.

I do sometimes have to get away from the idea that all the world is against me, nobody really likes my jokes and I'm not really very good at anything. Round the lake is a good place to do that. I come back better. Anyway it's a bit unfair because most of the world hasn't met me yet.

One day a pilgrim reached the culmination of many days journey into the mountains where he stood at the cave of the great prophet of one word answers. Many wished to consult this prophet but strangely, many also found that after half the journey they had resolved their problems in their own mind. This is why wise prophets live remotely or in places no-one wishes to visit. Wolverhampton is probably full of prophets.

This particular pilgrim was struggling with forgiveness. He knew that it was not earned but offered freely and mercifully, yet he still didn't get it. He stopped and entered the cave where he saw the dim outline of the great prophet of one word answers. 'Great prophet' he said, failing to realise that great prophets of one word answers are not easily impressed by words of flattery, 'What must I do to be forgiven?'

The great prophet of one word answers turned and looked at him, beckoned him over and whispered one word in his ear.'


The God who is bigger than all this doesn't mind that much if I work slowly and modestly and don't finish everything. He thinks I'm OK however far down the things-to-do list I've got and sometimes, get this, puts it in my mind do do things not on the list, first. Such as this post.


Red said...

thanks. something I need reminding of daily I think :)

Anonymous said...

God thinks a lot more of you than OK and so do we