Friday, July 02, 2010

Oil Spills

I do an article once a month or so for the Urban Saints (formerly Crusaders if you haven't been keeping up).

Their on-line Energize material for teaching the Bible to young people is rapidly becoming the most thorough curriculum in the Christian world for supporting its youth-work.

I did a lot of sessions for them when I was working as a freelance and it was interesting work. I read the Bible, got to grips with it, tried to produce helpful teaching aids for others and got paid; what's not to like?

Part of the Energize site is Energize in the News. You will see various links to it. A few of us are on stand-by to write articles linking an event in the news to the Bible and a youth-group. We try and pump them out quite quickly. Latest two are on the World Cup and, talking of pumping out quite quickly, oil spills. I did the latter one. If you want to take an opportunity, in your week by week youth work, to have a discussion about what Christian faith has to say about a newsworthy event, I commend a subscription. There is a monthly fee but a three month free sample opportunity.

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