Saturday, July 03, 2010

New Header

On a walk with some chums over Nailsea last week I was able to take the above shot from the same hill as the previous header but, being high June, the wheat field was a great foreground. I'm hoping, eventually, to have a good picture for each season.

You'll see the new text too. My book on Christian lifestyle for beginners, due to be published by BRF next Easter, is going to use the title of the blog and so will be called Mustard Seed Shavings.

I think, as it will be eight years old then, that will be the time to rename the blog and have a bit of a new angle.


david said...

I hate to be pedantic (well, actually I don't) but I think the crop may be barley rather than wheat.

St said...

Glad to be able to help a pedant find something to do. I'm a cityboy. No idea about cereal crops.