Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mental Arithmetic

Yesterday we were trying to calculate the salary to offer to someone who was going to work 25 hours or 62.5%.

Person Y
I've got a calculator on my phone.

St's head
That's five eighths.

Person Y
Now where did I put it? I turned it off for the interview. What was the number again?

St's head
Divide by 8, divide by 2, move decimal point.

Person X
It's going to be about £guess.

(After scribbling on the back of an envelope) The answer is... ( a precise number a little less than the guess)

Person X
How did you do that? Did you divide by 100 and multiply by 65 that quickly?

Person Z

It's five eighths.

Person X
Oh, I was doing 65.

Person Y
The answer is... ( a precise number a little less than the guess, same as the previous one)

Does anyone know how to do mental arithmetic anymore? I wonder if some of the brain power that was once utilised doing number work is now side-tracked to dealing with the question, 'Which of my portable devices has a calculator app and where did I put it?'

I realise I am sounding a bit old. I'll be complaining that young people mumble next.


LankyAnglican said...

If you don't use it you lose it! It's the same thing that satnav has done to navigational skills.

jw said...

Good for you St. And if you ever want a job as treasurer...

Steve C said...

Sorry, what did you say? Speak up young man!