Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Clay Shirky

Who? Internet, social-media guru, interviewed in the Guardian G2 by Decca Aitkenhead on Monday.

Read the interview here.

Read a post by Jonny Baker on the matter (and my comment) here. As Jonny points out, Shirky's own blog and various sites have not been updated recently. It seems you can have quite a presence simply hanging out on other people's pages. An inter-squatter? Sofa-surfer?

His genius, if such it is, is to observe how our developing use of social networks reflects the way cultural life develops in every other way. As an example, this quote:

Teenagers waste a lot of time trying to flirt with each other or crack each other up. To whom was this a mystery prior to the launch of Facebook?

Great name too.

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RuthJ said...

I like inter-squatter.