Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Footie Post 2

Just a bit more on the England v Germany game and continuing the theme of 'details.' You see I have now looked at the match stats. Anyone shown the stats and asked to guess the score would be horribly wrong.

Germany 43%
England 57%

Germany 45%
England 55%

Shots (on target)
Germany 13 (6)
England 13 (7)

Passing Accuracy
Germany 79%
England 78%

Germany 7
England 6

Germany 4
England 6

This does not suggest the England performance of dreadful second best in all departments which most people think they saw.

This article from the excellent (but nerdy) Zonal Marking website explains why the game was lost in tactical ability and not on-the-ball skill. Thanks to Andy B for sharing it.


Andy said...

The stats don't show the picture though. Have a look at The Grauniad's Lego football and it makes for very nasty viewing. We defended like 8 year olds and so we lost.

St said...

http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/video/2010/jun/29/world-cup-2010-germany-england-brick-by-brick for the lego football folks. It's wonderful.