Tuesday, May 18, 2010

News from Damaris

I gladly share this message from Damaris:

Damaris publishes official trailer for the film Reflection which was created by 6th formers (film releases online at www.globalstudentforum.org/reflection on 3rd June 2010).

Every year about 9 million children die before their 5th birthday - mostly from entirely preventable causes. School 6th formers who attended the Global Student Forum were so shocked by this that they responded immediately to Jon Snow's challenge to create a concept and storyboard for a short film that would wake people up to the fact that we can change this.

There were many, high quality, entries but the winner came from a group of Sixth Formers at Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School. Their concept was to show two girls going through their morning routine - one in a rich suburb in the UK and one in poor area of Africa. They wanted to show how our ordinary daily actions impact children in developing countries - and how important it is for us to make a change in our daily lives here if we are to make an ongoing change for good in this world.

Global Student Forum commissioned a team of film professionals to work with the winning students to turn their concept into reality - and the result is a 7 minute film called 'Reflection' which has already received this commendation from David Puttnam:

'The students from Kesteven and Grantham Girls School clearly understand the power of film to affect the viewers' hearts and minds. I hope that many people will see their excellent short film and that it will change, for good, many hearts and minds around the world.' Lord David Puttnam (Film Director and President of the Film Distributors' Association)

On 3rd June 2010, the film these students have made will be released for viewing and download on www.globalstudentforum.org/reflection. But right now you can see a 1 minute trailer for the film.

Will you please:

Look at the trailer on www.globalstudentforum.org/reflection
Support the film's facebook page www.facebook.com/gsfreflection
Make a diary entry for 3rd June 2010 - when the film is published on www.globalstudentforum.org/reflection
Pass this message on to others and join with us all in making a difference to the millions of children who die each year from preventable causes

Many thanks,

Steve Alexander
Managing Administrator for Damaris

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