Sunday, May 16, 2010

How ill is ill?

What I would love to do, just once, is get inside the body of someone when they say 'I don't feel well.' I'd like to know how it compares to me when I don't feel well.

There are those people who seem only motivated by their own victimhood. They have nothing to say unless something is wrong with them? They look excited at the mention of 'How are you?'

Others come across as stoical in the face of accident or illness maybe walking into a room holding their damaged arm in the other one and saying things are a bit sticky right now.

Whenever I start to feel under the weather I hear a virtual female chorus of man flu man flu man flu. How could I know pain if I haven't had a baby? It's a fair point although two lots of scrotal surgery and wisdom teeth out by local anaesthesia must count for something. Heck, did I write that aloud?

Also, I never know, if having time off with 'just a cold' to prevent spreading germs, how long to take. I have had a cold virus for 17 days now.

One of the reasons for the recovery time is probably that I am coming round to my main holiday of the year. Regardless of the light I tend to make of it the work of a parish priest is quite demanding. Is it easier to go to work with a bit of a cold if you can get home at 6 and put your feet up with a brandy? Evenings take their toll.

I know the old line that the cemeteries of our nation are filled with people who considered themselves irreplaceable. I am not one of those, but today if I don't go and do two communions there will not be communions and I am also a musician at one of the services due to others not being available.

I have been up for an hour now trying to work out how I feel. This has helped a bit. Will post it after the morning.


Anonymous said...

I also find it difficult to know how much time to to take off for a cold and consequently don't take any time off! I'm sure if everyone took a week off at the beginiing of a cold then the virus wouldn't travel to so many people but who, in todays society, is prepared to test the theory? DK

fill said...

The Smith family and myself have all been suffering from a cold and bad chest. Its been like this for weeks. I know how you are feeling.

Anonymous said...

As teachers we always say that children shouldn't come to school if they are ill.
However teachers themselves are strongly discouraged from taking any time off because supply teachers cost money and we just soldier on.
Would less children get ill if the teachers took time off?
What would the Heads think of that?
Now I'm a supply teacher I just don't get paid if I take time off.