Thursday, May 13, 2010

All the best

It is the duty of those of us who have been critical of candidates and parties leading up to the election, now to accept the government as we find it. As a genuine floating voter I say that the slate is wiped clean. The Tory/LibDem (not resisting the new joke that we are now a ConDemNation) coalition may work and may not but we need to let them have some time to test it.

I am pretty pleased at an extra investment in nuclear power and the cancelling of Heathrow's third runway. I was ambivalent about the identity card scheme which is now abandoned.

I am worried that cancer patients may lose their right to an appointment with a specialist within two weeks.

I am terrified that our Defence Secretary, my MP, an Atlanticist, Thatcherite, Unionist, Euro-Sceptic will want to invade Iran as soon as he's strapped his guns on.

But somehow this crash-weld of a government may just get us to a point where old-school Conservatism is prevented, by a Liberal addendum, from exercising its knee-jerk desire to make the rich richer. Genuine caring Conservatism is a rare breed but it does exist.

Come on. Impress me.

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