Tuesday, March 30, 2010


For research purposes I've been reading the Sun every Monday. Topless Kelly, 19 from Daventry laments the lack of skills of the modern meteorologist suggesting that '...it's not as though we are back in the days of da Vinci's 15th-century gravimetric hygrometer to measure atmospheric humidity is it?'

Sorry Kelly. Got distracted. What you say?

I love the fact that the Sun doesn't take itself too seriously.

That said, is this a genuine letter to the problem page or was it written by a bored sub:

I recently joined a cookery course and made a fabulous souffle. However someone else made one that puffed up even higher than mine. She was so smug about it that I poked hers with a fork to deflate it and now she wouldn't speak to me. Should I try to patch things up?

The Sun's advice:

People can get very touchy when they're being creative ... Tell her to get stuffed - that's my culinary advice.

3 million people a day buy this. More read it than that.

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