Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hearing the Spiritual Dimension

A voice you know really well can reach you across a crowded room. It can cut through all the other voices. I find Mrs Mustard's laugh remarkably comforting in a crowd. I know she is there and I know she is having fun. She doesn't laugh at home much apart from when I undress.

In a small group of Alpha coursers we have been introducing the participants to the idea of a spiritual dimension. There is a God who speaks. Who intervenes. Who cares.

Interestingly this has involved some people reinterpreting pictures and ideas in their heads wondering if they have been ignoring or misunderstanding the voice of God for quite a long time. Others have discovered a new ability to see pictures which are relevant (when shared) but seem confusing at first. Speaking out what you see or hear is a brave step.

I am not an expert at this but I think it is a bit like tuning an old-fashioned radio. You twiddle the dial until the interference quietens. At first you tend to turn too far and go past the point at which the radio is tuned. You have to come back a bit.

Hearing God is about tuning the competing noises of Bible, fellow Christians and the still small voice which can, from time to time, whisper in the corners.

You should probably hear God all the time. But life makes so much inappropriate noise it can be hard to hear. Especially across a crowded world. But once you know it's him you can't ever forget or ignore it.

Now. What's he saying?

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