Thursday, March 11, 2010

Easter Journey

We have, as Churches Together in Nailsea, managed to persuade a number of local shops to allow us to use their windows in Holy Week this year.

From Saturday 27th March to Saturday 3rd April a number of installations will be placed in shop windows, linking events from the life of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels with the use of the shop.

It will take about half an hour to walk round all of them (there will be thirteen) ending with a chance to to sit and reflect in a cafe.

As an activity for children each installation will contain a nail somewhere. Will they be able to find it?

It might be worth organising a trip. Your local Nailsea church will have a flier and details of where to find all the sites. Alternatively you might like to embark upon the exercise as a mystery trip and try and search for all the installations which will all be in Nailsea town centre shops.

Shops will have booklets to give away, explaining the trail. Most of the installations will also be visible at night but one or two of our participating shops have shutters and grilles.

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