Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was putting my trolley back in the shelter thingy (what is it called?) in Tesco's car park. I always do this neatly following the Don Humphries' houseparty boarding school hire motto - always leave places tidier than you find them. So sometimes I rearrange a whole load of trolleys so they don't block the parking spaces. Then you get invited back, in the case of the schools, or are just a useful member of society, in a car park.

I was vaguely aware that the bloke who had just placed his trolley had also been neat. As I walked away he turned and said, 'Why is it only the men who do that? The women just shove 'em in anyhow.'

I suggested it was not all men who did it but that it was because the two of us were obviously well brought up and came from north of here (in his case well north). He nodded sagely.

It was a nice moment of contact with a fellow human being both of whom had accidentally discovered the other doing something good without seeking credit.

But is it true? Let's have a MSS sample survey. Do you put your trolley back neatly?


Revsimmy said...

I usually do my best and it usually doesn't take too long. Depends whether I'm accomapanied by an impatient spouse.

LankyAnglican said...

I'm a bit of a compulsive trolley tidier. I'll happily spent a minute making them all neat and tidy before I return to the car.

A northern man.

Marcella said...

I always put mine away neatly, and I'm a girl from the Midlands.

My wife does too, and she's from Australia.

I suspect that wasn't helpful to your poll, was it? LOL

Anonymous said...

I always put mine away neatly and often reorganise the trolley park.
But I've been told that my neatness and need to put everything everywhere in order is obsessive. To me it seems normal. Why wouldn't you want to prevent the trolleys from getting in the way of the cars?

I come from the midlands and am female. I have to say I haven't seen a man tidying the trolleys .... But then come to think of it I don't think I've seen a woman either. Perhaps we tidyers get embarrassed if we think someone is watching.

youthblog said...

another male trolley returner here

Paddington in Paris said...

I always tidy the trolleys, but get told off for taking too long putting the trolley back.
You can't win.