Friday, February 19, 2010

Everything Scrapping with Everything Else

DJ 'jamin goes by his more regular name of Ben Tilley these days and occasionally sends me links to mixes he has done. Remember the days we used to make each other mix tapes? Pah. Long gone.

With a parental guidance warning around the one third through mark I think this is some of his best work for a long time. Good to hear him mixing mainstream tunes (Lily Allen, Dizzy Rascal) but also a lovely outing for my old Tom Tom Club single Wordy Rapping Hood which I rediscovered in his bedroom after he'd left home.

This one was mixed live. Respect.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again. Ah yes, forgot that Plan B (remember him, he supported Roots Manuva when we went to see him = 50 cred. points) gets a little carried away. Keep spreading the word, I'm up to 40 odd listens.