Friday, February 12, 2010

Comedy and Politics

Mark Thomas, another hero of mine, has been touring the country over the last few months asking audiences to suggest new policies to change the world. His show then revolves around debating them, mixing the surreal and ridiculous (behead Noel Edmonds) with the authentic demand for change (build more council houses).

Amongst my favourites, as outlined by Thomas in a Guardian article this week were:
  • Fatty foods should be displayed in very narrow aisles
  • Anyone advocating homeopathic remedies should be allowed these only, when seriously ill
  • Mecca Bingo halls should be made to face east
  • Anyone in favour of banning immigration should be placed on a register and refused permission to travel abroad
  • Mediums should be imprisoned using a combination lock; if they and their spirit guide can find the number they are free to go

Money has been put up so that a candidate might eventually stand on the, probably more serious, policies eventually agreed. Details here.

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Jo Lockyer said...

My plan to simultaneously tackle global warming, obesity and people taking advantage of the benefits system:
Those on the dole have to spend 3 hours a week on a pedal bike, generating electricity in order to receive their benefits.
What do you think?
Rob thinks that people who go to the gym should have to power the TV in front of them if they want to watch it.