Saturday, January 30, 2010

Revisited Quotes

One of the reasons I like recording quotes is to revisit them some years on:

One of the problems with charismatic Christianity today is the way it is spawning a whole generation of believers who are only capable of finding God in the extraordinary rather than in the ordinary.

Mark Stibbe, Church of England Newspaper, 23/2/96

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Sally said...

Perhaps we should learn to open our eyes to the 'ordinary' and then we may experience the extraordinary.
I prefer to recognise that God works in polarities, ordinary and extraordinary, black and white, dark and light, faith and doubt, mystrey and wonder, strong and weak, young and old, masculine and feminine, silence and noise, extravert and introvert. Those who expect one way obsessively, limit experiences of God.
As human beings we have a side of ourselves we prefer to show to the outside world, and we have a hidden self.
Let's try and get in touch with the balance of both experiences, Particularly challenging ourselves in the least preferred place.
If we expect God can work through breadth and depth, inside and out, in our conscious and unconscious, then the 'ordinary' will become extraordinary and we can find God in the known and the unknown.
That's extraordinary!