Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Margaret Pippen RIP

Had quite an eventful funeral today. I needed to get a lift to the crem in the undertaker's 4 wheel drive. My attempt to drive out of my road failed at the first bend and I only just succeeded in reversing back into my drive.

4 x 4s were also the method of transport for all the mourners, as limousines were unusable today. And the coffin. With a stoical spirit we got to South Bristol crem on time and then returned to Nailsea for a memorial service.

Margaret's daughter had emigrated to Australia and Margaret's favourite song was John Farnham's The Voice. It was a big 1980s song and has such production values (OTT) but as an end to the memorial service its intro was very powerful. Hear a version of it here where Farnham joins Coldplay on stage in Australia to perform it.

Over a few drinks after the service I met a delightful selection of longstanding Nailsea folk (most people here don't come from here) for a great natter.

I also take away with me an interesting question. Someone asked if I knew the whereabouts of the grave of an unnamed stillborn baby, buried in our cemetery in the 1950s. The only evidence available is an undertaker's fee including a minister's charge for burial. The question had remained unasked for 50 years. I am the same age as that child would have been.

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