Monday, January 25, 2010


When our friends were very broke they devised a system. By and large they reckoned that for the next six months, until a grant cheque arrived, they could afford to pay one bill a month. They produced a form letter:

Dear Sir/Madam,

If you persist in sending unpleasant reminders concerning your unpaid bill, which we confirm we have received, your utility/organisation will not be placed in the lottery for payment next month. We are mature students; we have two small children. We will be paying you eventually.

Yours faithfully

Amazingly, although not all got the joke, one or two organisations played along. It was mainly the ones without automatic, reminder-generating software.

I thought of this today. I have a stinking cold. It is my second cold in eight weeks and the first lasted five weeks. What gets done this week will be a bit of a lottery. Speaking engagements will get priority and there are three of those - tonight at Alpha, Wednesday night with the Baptists and Thursday at a quiet day.

Admin stuff will be tackled as fast as I can. If you are expecting some output from me this week praying will be better than nagging.

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