Monday, January 04, 2010

Heading for Epiphany

You turned up late with presents. Made up for your lack of punctuality with gifts but then clawed back the goodwill by making the gesture symbolic. You followed the stars; more Russell Grant than Patrick Moore in those days I'd warrant. Three gifts but not necessarily three of you.

How real were you? A poor Jewish family gets gold and it makes no difference? Gets no further mention? Come on. Nothing elsewhere in the Bible; just a Matthean construction to make Isaiah 60 truer? Who knows.

Let's just take the story and live with it. Shepherds tell us Jesus is good news for the poor, uneducated scumbag. Wise men tell us he is good news for the rich and learned, for the time being, until they realise he wants his hands on their cash.

If he has appeared to you, ever, what have you given him back? Now that's the question. Live with it. Jesus is not an easy option.

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Caroline Too said...

the gold made no difference, eh?

and you get that information from...?

maybe it financed the escape to Egypt?

Maybe it funded accomodation there 'til Joseph got his carpentry trade up and going?

but we know so little of Jesus' early years, I'm really not too surprised that we hear no more of the gold and other gifts....