Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Noughties

Edward Stourton's programme on Radio 4 this morning, the first in a series looking back at the last decade, was very interesting. Today he focused on the internet. Catch it on listen again or iplayer if you can.

One contributor offered the wonderful thought that many people, who had previously found it takes ages to get into journalism using the submission and rejection method, had now had their incompetence fast-tracked, through blogging. They blog; no-one cares. QED. Of course the opposite is true. Some new writers have emerged through this medium. Fewer though.

If you ever thought that writing every day was easy then start a blog. It is amazing how many people I have encountered online who have posted regularly for a few weeks or months and then disappeared.

It is also notable how many people who can't write particularly well, have valuable things to share. Their insights are better than their grammar but the blogosphere doesn't really mind. We want to learn from everyone.

Blogs. A great thing about the noughties.

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fill said...

I don't usual stick to things and give up but I cannot believe I have been blogging for four years!