Thursday, December 31, 2009

New for the Noughties 7

In the early days of my attempting to write fiction, about 1993 onwards, I used to book a day off work, collect together my stuff and amble down to Leamington library. I had an idea for a book set in an old house near where I lived which was, by then, just a heap of rubble but had had an interesting history. Helpful librarians dug out old reference books and maps for me.

With the onset of the internet a few methods for searching online grew up. Yahoo had a good one and 'Ask Jeeves' looked for a while as if it would become the best. Then, one day, someone said across the desks, 'Have you tried Google?' I did. Within months it had become the only search engine I ever used and it still is.

Google could now, quite easily, run my online life and, of course, their sign-in account is how I access my blog and share my calendar.

I haven't been to the library in Nailsea yet, apart from to join in 2006. Research? No need to leave your desk any more.

Do remember to get some exercise today.

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