Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Life Rules

Regular readers may recall that the above is a working title of a book I am writing for BRF. As the tweetfeed says I am looking for ideas.

If you are a Christian, did you read a book on Christianity for beginners when you started out? What did it say about lifestyle? What do you wish it had covered that it didn't?

If you are a christian and you have never read a book that dealt with questions of Christian lifestyle, what would you like such a book to cover if it existed?

Are you aware of the existence of good books which cover this material? Name them.

If you are not a Christian are there matters of Christian lifestyle which put you off? What are they and what puts you off about them?

Finally, what is Christian lifestyle? Can it be described generically or is it all down to the individual?

All advice will grateful received and suitably weighed.


Revsimmy said...

Good, good question. I read John Stott's Basic Christianity when I started out, and I'm sure there was some lifestyle stuff in it. but its so long ago the details escape me now. Jesus and Paul both give great principles - Love God, love neighbour, love one another (in the Christian community), but working out what that means was always tricky - Paul and food offered to idols springs to mind, as does the circumcision controversy.
I personally think that while we must each take responsibility for our own lifestyle, there is also a community element in working it all out.

Nick Sharp said...

For me it was John White's book "The Race." Some of his advice on sexuality looks painfully dated now, but for lifestyle questions, this was where I went. Then there's the rule of St Benedict, but I bet you've already thought of that one.

Caroline Too said...

The Inward Journey by Gene Edwards claims to be a book for new christians... not read it myself yet (on my to-read-list) but/'cos it's been recommended to me by folk I respect.