Friday, November 06, 2009

Thick Skinned

Those of us who have a public profile, however slim, have to be used to taking flak from time to time. I went to a training session recently where it was suggested that clergy have to deal with this especially. I didn't agree. Anyone who has been a shop assistant, bank clerk or waiter to name but three will have experienced being in the front-line of crap catching on a daily basis. Those clergy who have never had a public service job may find themselves less able to deal with this than others. If you wear a uniform you will be an object to others, rather than a person, representing an organisation with which they want to get cross. Or even a God with whom they don't quite see eye to eye.

I can't imagine how bad it is to be in a position where, due to the nature of our oppositional politics, you will get crap whatever. You make a generally good point and 90% of the time will then focus on the 10% of your argument that wasn't quite there.

You take you time making a decision - you're a ditherer.

You make snap judgements - you're too hasty.

And if you're Prime Minister you don't represent anyone. The buck absolutely stops on your desk.

My skin is thick. OK all of me is. Can't imagine how thick it would have to be to step up to the next rank. Pray for our politicians this Remembrance Weekend. None of them, none of them, send armed forces personnel into danger without due thought.

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fill said...

100% agree with you.